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By Regina_Chen, Oakland twp., MI

My obsession began at a young age. Waking up first on Christmas morning; getting up at six o’clock every Saturday to watch the good cartoons; arriving at class before everyone else in order to choose the best seat…my meticulousness about punctuality paid off. In my manic passion for promptness, I committed many transgressions. In seventh grade, I accidentally knocked down a poor girl who stepped in my path as I walked to my next class. I yelled out a quick “sorry!” before hurrying towards the classroom. From behind me, I heard a muttered, sarcastic “wow,” which failed to affect me or even register in my mind as I sat down at my preferred desk. In my lifetime, how many doors had I slammed in people’s faces? How many “goodbyes” had I ignored? How many people had I pushed or shoved in order to reach my destination?

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