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My Brother, the Freak

Dori M., Gastonia, NC By thankyoumrsloopner, Gastonia, NC

My brother is the normal sibling. He does normal seventh grade boy things, like playing Minecraft and video games where gang members shoot each other. He was born July 15th, 2000. He’s three-and-a-half years younger than me, and not nearly as awesome. He’s actually boring, but slightly interesting in his own way.
He stays to himself, always in his room. Except for yelling at me about how stupid I am, he’s pretty quiet around other people. The only time he has a personality is around our neighbor’s middle daughter. The neighbor picks us up from school, and as soon as John and Hannah get together, they fight about superheroes, they compare different video games, they talk about those awful Hunger Games books. Secretly, I ship the two of them. Not now, but when they’re in college or something, I totally ship it.

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