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Where Did Vincent Van Gogh? This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

April 14, 2013

By Gruzgy, Downers Grove, IL

One of my favorite memories from elementary school was every other Friday when I would have the chance to attend a class that was in my eyes a glorious utopia of magnificent pencils, colorful crayons, vibrant pastels, rich watercolors, dark inks, and bristly brushes. It was my chance to allow my creativity to flow from my mind and onto paper using a kaleidoscope of colors and a mountain of utensils at my disposal. It was a glorious reward to have messy hands and stained clothing because my project would lie before me, a perfect “masterpiece”. And when the class was over, I would wait, excited and impatient, for the two weeks to speed by, when I would once again get to return to this paradise.

I loved art from the very beginning. The concept is beautiful in nature. It is an expression of ideas, thoughts, and emotions and can capture singular moments or even entire time periods.

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