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Oi Vey Iz Mir Gewalt

By Charles J, Altamont, NY

Minding my business in science class and I hear the phrase “I’m jewish, I’ll pick up this penny!” or something along those lines. Meanwhile, I hold my tongue and inside my head, think about how awful people talk about jews.

I’m jewish. My mother is jewish and my father is catholic, but I don’t go to mass or temple. I do however celebrate the jewish holidays, along with the catholic/christian holidays. I also get really peeved when I hear or see someone portraying the jews in a negative light, and not in a joking manner.

The stereotypical “Money-grubber Jew” originally came from when Jews were made to handle the money that was considered “dirty”. When Jews came over to America they mainly knew about handling money... So jews got a stereotype from people who thought they loved handling money.

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