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A Life Changing Moment

By JacyA, Columbia, MO

A Life Changing Moment

When I was little I was faced with biggest decision of my life. I was 4 years old with such a big decision for such a little person, not even knowing what either was. That big decision was to play soft ball or to do dance. Since my brother played baseball I always liked to play whiffle ball with him when I had free time. But, I also liked to dance around like I was a princess in a castle, just like any other little 4 year old girl would.

I chose both, but my dad said that I could only do one or the other. When my mom found out that my father had given me the choice of softball she immediately threw that out of one of my options because that was my brother’s sport and I had to choose something else. She put gymnastics in with dance as the other choice.

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