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To Catch a Witch

By CelesteJones, Williamsburg, VA

“Witch,” The townsfolk shouted as the verdict was announced for Catherine Dunlap, the accused. “She is a witch!”
Judge Maddox’s gavel came down with a resounding thud on the dark mahogany desk, newly imported from the Mother Country and with a price of forty pounds, all on the expense of the British Parliament. “On the behalf of the Royal Courts of England, the church, and the Old Dominion of Virginia, on the Fifth of June, year sixteen and fifty-seven, I declare the defendant, Catherine Dunlap, accused of one count of witchcraft, dark magic, and consultation with the Devil and two counts of placing nightmares on others, not guilty. This case dismissed on insufficient evidence.”
The Judge breathed a sigh of relief as everyone filed out of the courtroom. The case was no longer on his shoulders.

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