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X Factor Since Inception

Madiha Y., Karachi, Pakistan By MadihaYameen, Karachi, Pakistan

The X Factor
The Real Winners
Grabbing the glory in the finals doesn’t always lead to a brilliant career. So, as the countdown begins to the 10th series, we are going to take a look at who’s become hot property – and who’s flopped!
Series 1: 2004
Winner – Steve Brookstein
The first ever X Factor winner released a no 1 single – no surprises there – and seemed set for stardom when his debut album hit the top spot too. But a follow-up track failed to materialize, and it turned out that his record label, Sony BMG, had dropped him only eight months after his win! He then penned some original material and release it through his own label, but so far, he hasn’t bothered the charts again. Aww…
Most Successful – G4
According to Simon Cowell, vocal troupe G4 were the real winners.

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