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Brother This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Mariah P., Lansing, MI By MariahPotter, Lansing, MI

That kid, I swear, drives me mad enough to slam my head into a wall. He's annoying, loud, immature, and copies every joke and word that slips from my mouth. But I swear, that kid, is worth dying for.

After all, he is my brother. So would I be OK with some man I don't know digging sharp, deadly utensils into my brother's head? No. No I wouldn't be OK with that.

It was Friday. Now, I don't know about you, but Friday's are VERY important to me. That is my "Ahhh, finally. Freedom" day. The day I can feel relaxed, happy, free from the school I dreaded. But instead, this Friday, I'm in a chair. In a hospital. Half tempted to just walk out and go home.

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