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Her Memory

Allison D., Boardman, OH By AllisonDurrant, Boardman, OH

I remember everything. I remember the jokes they used to make about Amanda, the things they said behind her back, the nasty pranks, her crying face.
It all started in middle school, Amanda and I were inseparable. We saw the movies and heard the stories. We were going to be popular, become greatest thing the school would ever see. I had no trouble adjusting to the school and was easily able to befriend the alpha upperclassmen, but Amanda was not so lucky. She sat in the back of the cafeteria all by herself, watching, waiting for me to call out to her. To be reached out to, to be invited, to join us in the light, but I was afraid. Losing my status seemed like the end of the world. My “friends” would have turned on me, but I did not know that I would be losing my one true friend. So, I ignored her.

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