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"Describe a place where you feel completely content"

Chandani S., Jersey city, NJ By Chandani.s, Jersey City, NJ

Virgo's are meant to be earth signs. I've read it on every quasi astrological website, every monthly horoscope: I'm supposed to feel some connection to the dirt beneath my feet. Maybe because I'm named after the moon or, maybe because I was raised in a massive city where the celestial bond between me and the earth was interrupted by slabs of concrete, I've never felt it. Even when surrounded by forests as I am here, I feel at times awkward on my feet, as though gravity doesn't quite pull me towards the same molten center. As a child I tripped over cracks in the side walk and ran into imaginary friends and sometimes into very not imaginary bus stops which left bruises on my forehead and scars on my knees. I was awkward on the ground, stumbling and dragging my feet until my mother would shout at me to pick them up.

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