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Rebecca L., Grand Rapids, MI By Redella, Grand Rapids, MI

Well, I have to do something. I need to create a piece of writing. It can be either nonfiction or argumentative. But which one do I want to do? My immediate thought is neither. I have to do one or the other though. So, the question I ask myself is, What do I write about?

I sit at my desk in class blankly staring at a blank sheet of paper. The paper seems to laugh at me as I vainly think of ideas to use. Part of me hopes that something would magically appear on my paper. But, after ten minutes, nothing happens except the fact that none of my ideas would work. Just what I need at a time like this, I think with a little sarcasm.

Yes, I have a lot of ideas. And many of them would work if I had the motivation to write them down. Most of the time though, I find that the topics I think of are boring and I want to try something a little more interesting.

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