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Matt Bens

Andrea R., Bedford, NY By LivingTheDr3Am, Bedford, NY

Matt. Short for Matthew, I suppose. No one knew his name until after the incident. No one talked to him. No one was his friend. I wish I could go back in time and fix what happened, but I can’t. Matthew was a strange boy. Let me tell you his story.

Matthew Bens was a sandy-haired, frosty-blue-eyed, broad-chested freak. His eyes, though. They were the most entrancing things I had ever seen. His pupils were darker than night itself. It was as if they were swimming in an icy cerulean sea of iris framed with a thick dusting of lashes. On his first day at Ridgemont High School, the popular kids tried to lure him into their entourage with their kind words and empty promises. However, it was clear from the start that Matt would never be one of them. He didn’t talk to anyone and hardly raised his hand in class.

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