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A world in my eyes

Haley N., Houston, TX By hayhaywhaley, Houston, TX

He turned and looked at me, all bright eyes he spoke,
'I see the world in you'
I sat there
Dazed and confused,
Contemplating the reasoning behind his meaningful speech,
I couldn't understand
I sat there in frustration
'Its not for you to understand but for me to see'
I am just Rayne, plain old Rayne,
'Rayne with the big eyes that make me angry,' he said flatly
I am just average, nothing special to see in me,
'There is a beauty inside you, it's like a flame, I could spend a thousand years inside you trying to figure it out what it is you see'
I just admire the deep things on this earth, I can see past the outer shield, that doesn't make me special just someone who cares,
'You're remarkable, I marvel at you, miss perfection with the world in your eyes, you entice me, you excite me, you're a creature that breathes and you breathe poetically

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