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A world in my eyes

June 15, 2013

Haley N., Houston, TX By hayhaywhaley, Houston, TX

He turned and looked at me, all bright eyes he spoke,
'I see the world in you'
I sat there
Dazed and confused,
Contemplating the reasoning behind his meaningful speech,
I couldn't understand
I sat there in frustration
'Its not for you to understand but for me to see'
I am just Rayne, plain old Rayne,
'Rayne with the big eyes that make me angry,' he said flatly
I am just average, nothing special to see in me,
'There is a beauty inside you, it's like a flame, I could spend a thousand years inside you trying to figure it out what it is you see'
I just admire the deep things on this earth, I can see past the outer shield, that doesn't make me special just someone who cares,
'You're remarkable, I marvel at you, miss perfection with the world in your eyes, you entice me, you excite me, you're a creature that breathes and you breathe poetically


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