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Jamie and Elizabeth

July 8, 2013

By Anonymous, Hull, United Kingdom

Elizabeth laughed.
God, he loved it when she laughed. It sounded like the stars spilling out of the sky, the most beautiful thing he had ever heard.
Jamie shook himself. Breathe. He wasn’t usually like this! He was so used to being in control, never letting his real feelings escape when it came to girls. But then again, Elizabeth wasn’t like any other girl he’d dated. Sure, there had been a lot of them, but there was no-one quite like Elizabeth.
She was different. She had beautiful long blonde hair and shining blue eyes like the deep eternal ocean. It wasn’t her looks that attracted Jamie though. It was her happy, loving personality. Her fiery defensiveness whenever he contradicted her. Her cheeky habits and the way she always smiled without even realising she was.
Jamie was sunk. He only wished he was good enough for her.

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