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Marleigh N., Golden, IL By MetalheadMarleigh, Camp Point, IL


The truth is, we all could’ve been Ordinaries and stayed out of everyone’s way. There would’ve been no trouble, no one to overthrow the 59th president of the United States. Well, what used to be the United States. All that’s left of the 48 contiguous states has been downsized to a small territory off the coast of Chesapeake Bay. One territory, but three different perspectives on the way things should be done. The Ordinaries, neutral people in the views of war, value their easy schedule and the fact that everyday is the same thing. Maybe that’s the way it should be for everybody. But that’s not the way the Keepers, our thrown together government, like it, and definitely not the way the Rebels like it. The Rebels – we create crime.

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