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Keith Lemon: The Film This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Chloejournal, Devon, United Kingdom

Recently I endured the ­horror that was “Keith Lemon: The Film.” Maybe horror isn't the right word. Torture. Calling this a film is a complete and utter joke.

It has been categorized a comedy, but I fail to find a single funny part. The only joke is at the expense of the film itself and not a result of the performances by Leigh Francis as Keith Lemon or the rest of the cast. Even cameos from Gary Barlow, Kelly Brook, and various members of the Spice Girls could not save this sinking ship that rivalled the Titanic in regards to catastrophes. I was left feeling like I wanted to switch places with Rosie (Laura Aikman), who is kidnapped in the film, just so I didn't have to sit through another minute. The film was a who's who of washed-up celebrities.

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