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Take Me Away

Tessa G., Cincinnati, OH By BlueSupernova, Cincinnati, OH

To fly away with the Doctor is my only good dream, it is my faith, it is what I see when my eyes close at night- the stars and the space and the sense of detachment from reality.
I can imagine it so clearly. He will hear my wish, he will hear my wish for him to come for me from across the galaxies and he will fly down in that glorious box of his- that box of the brightest, most beautiful blue. He will do that clever, sweet smirk of his, snap his fingers, and the blue doors will open, revealing the wonder inside- a home for travelling the stars. I will run inside with him and from that moment I will be free- every corner of existence, of space and time, ready to be explored, an adventure around every corner.
We will fly away from this tiny nook of this tiny world, and all of the most wonderful, beautiful things will be ours to see.

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