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The Last Believer This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Cloey R., Oxford, AL By CloeyR, Oxford, AL

Believe: to have confidence or faith in the truth

I am the last one. Not the last Impure, and certainly not the last human, but I am the last Believer.

Never, in my sixteen years upon this Earth, have I ever witnessed an act of a Believer. Not even a scintilla of a sign of their presence. And therefore I must assume that I am the final one. And I have decided to die Believing.

The year is 2236, and nothing is the same. Clothing is regulated, schools are infiltrated with Suspicious Activity Monitors (Or as the brainwashed children affectionately call them, S.A.M.s.), and creativity is extinct. Or so they think.

The flesh-covered drones that lecture us for ten hours every day have stuffed us with lies.

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