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Sabrina M., Hazleton, PA By mills, Hazleton, PA

i woke up from my nightmare.
the 8th time this week.
memories flashing of the fanged thing
teeth gnawing and gnashing
screeching, moaning
at unimaginable levels.
it seems everytime i close my eyes, there it is.
waiting for me, so it can continue its meal.
i try to explain to my mom, what i see.
friends, family, even strangers and myself being gutted and eaten by these massive, terrifying creatures.
winged like a bat, except its wingspan is over 20 feet wide.
the head of a crow, with red beady, intimidating eyes, and those horrible, mangled, sharp teeth.
it uses its claws to shred the skin, as easily as we would shred a paper.
my mom says its normal for boysmy age to endure night terrors.

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