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By TheAnonymousKid, delhi, India

“You may delay, but time will not.” ? Benjamin Franklin
Remember the time when you were watching videos on YouTube instead of doing that Math chapter? Or the time when you slept thinking that you would start your work tomorrow? But did that tomorrow come? Is that tomorrow supposed to be today? If it is, Shouldn't you be doing your work right now? Are you still convincing yourself that you'll start the work after half an hour? If so, then stop it! Stop procrastinating!
Procrastination is the act of not being productive. It’s the wastage of the most useful time that will never come back. But we still like to do it and we do it all the time. Later, regret it and then promise ourselves not to do it again. But fail to resist. We procrastinate because we are afraid to start something. We are afraid of the result; afraid of failure.

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