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July 12, 2013

By AsimovFanboy159, Chelsea, MA

The man was like a child. His hair was completely unorthodox, with none of the elaborate designs made possible by the increasingly complex chemicals to mold hair in one of the many patterns that the drones know. His mind had yet to be touched by one of the Specializers, a device that optimized your brain for the job you possessed. Even his body type was ridiculous, without the nano machines that so subtly agitated the muscles. This would match the dimensions for what had been scientifically calculated to be the perfect physique.
It wasn’t that the man was lazy or poor. The machines and chemicals did all the work, and this man was the son of Joshua Pagan, a Crafter! It was he who designed and built the various machines that were essential to the culture of Exodizers, the ones who had escaped their homeworld on self sustaining ships centuries ago.

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