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Code Yellow

By Primrose-Door, New York, NY

Nick was the only person in the Searston High School cafeteria who was standing on two feet. Everyone else was either kneeling by the tables or hiding under. He stood there, shaking, but this did not change the fact that the gun in Nick’s hands was still something to fear. Even if it was only yesterday that Nick had been sitting in the back where two students now lied. Their hands, shaking like Nick’s, were clasped together between them.Nick had already shot two people. Jenny had been one of them. I wish she had called in sick. I wish everyone had called in sick. Another shot rang through the air, making everyone wince, even me. But nothing happened. No one fell down with a bullet through their head. He had just done it to scare us. But for what? We did what he said. Everyone he had called, everyone who gave Nick a hard time, were on one side of the room while the rest stayed where they were.

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