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Redemption This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By danny.boy, East Brunswick, NJ

“Hallelujah! Oh, Lord, this is a great day for all. Come, brother. Come, sister. Let us all rejoice in the glory of the Holy Name! Let its glory and lovingkindness fall down on you like sweet rain and fall in love with the word of the Lord as I have done so myself. Feel the energy and feel the heat pierce your unfaithful veins and flow through you like the River Jordan. Come, my children! Come, my loves!”

It was Atticus Rose’s fourth sermon of the day. The wooden chapel stunk of sweat and rot and he had a pounding headache.

“Oh, glory! Thou art my friend, my brother, and my father all at once. Yes, truly the Lord has guided me onto the path of virtue and love. Come, my brothers. Let me take you with me so that you too can experience my state of joy and love for life.

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