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Glamorous is no way to describe it.

A. K., Cathedral City, CA By A.M.King, Chula Vista, CA

What no one ever tells you is
That no matter how many pieces

Of gum you shove into your
Mouth, you’ll still smell like

Your body’s decay.
No one ever tells you that

When he kisses you, it makes
You crave even more.

No one tells you that your
Teeth are like ceramic knives

And before you know it your
Knuckles are bleeding into

Your throat. No one tells you
that you lose control each time

you attempt to gain it. No one
tells you that every time you

put your fingers down your
neck, not only are you ridding

your body of your binge, but losing
brain cells in the process.

No one ever told me that
I’d be 16 lying in a hospital bed.

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