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Getting Lost This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Victoria D., Newtown, PA By theweirdworder, Newtown, PA

I got lost today. I guess it's meant to happen to every driver eventually but I didn't think it would happen too soon. But I did.

Surprise, surprise, this book nerd was looking for the library to pick up my holds. Now, I had been to this particular library only a couple times, given the fact that I usually picked up my holds at a different library closer to where I got tutored for Math. I had to do this before the library closed and, by the time my dad would be able to take me, it would. So naturally, I decided to use my driving time to drive to the library and pick it up.

But who did I have to do this with? My abuelita. Not only had she never been to the library but she had no idea where it could be and gets a bit confused sometimes. So it was all on me. I printed out directions just in case but it was too small for her far-sighted eyes to read.

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