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By Fonvizzle, La Grange, TX

There he was floating on his only hope in life. The rain stinging the back of his neck amidst the angry cold sea, he thinks of his past and how he knows he won’t be able to turn back. He no longer had anywhere to go, except to the water. He had nothing left in this world. His friends have abandoned him and his parents believe he's a killer.The only thing he could do now is get into his boat and never come back. No one knows why he's leaving but what's the point of them knowing? They'd never know he was gone... As he put more thought into his problem, he put up his sails and decided to go deeper into the sea where nothing awaited him but death. When he thought he had no more purpose in life, he saw something in the upset waters that caught his eye. He cleared his eyes as if he were having delusions.
There in the crashing sea, he saw a man on a small piece of debris breathing in as much oxygen as he possibly could before he sinks into the unknown where no one would ever find him.

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