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Alyssa C., Milwaukee, WI By WallFlowerAlice, Milwaukee, WI

I woke up barely able to remember last nights party. The DJ was still blaring blurred lines and Elijah was knocked out right beside me with his hand holing his head up. Amy up dancing totally caught me off guard. Lucas and Jazzy snoring. It must of been one heck of a party. I checked my phone to see that it was nearly 2 in the mourning. First thing I thought about was my parents they were going to totally freak. But then it struck me I'm in Toronto, Canada with my boyfriend and my friends. Best part of all my parents are not here to ruin the fun. No Alison did you do your homework or its time to go to bed. If there was anything Elijah was so totally right about it was that parting in Canada can change your life. I got up to see maybe 10 to 12 different people I knew and didn't dancing g on the floor. I decided I would go upstairs and go to bed.

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