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A Journey to Happiness This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

September 12, 2013

By Anonymous, Sterling, IL

Life after war is never good, especially a life of a little girl from Laos. It is around 1983 in the village of Laos, where the people were sound asleep. You can hear the cricket chirping, an owl hooting in the distance, and the moonlight glistening on the top of river. A father’s dream for his family safety and to build a happy life, takes extreme measure. He moves quickly through the darkness grabbed his two daughters and swing the little one on his back and held the other one’s hand. He quickly made his way down the steps, into the wood behind the hut. He met up with fellow friends who are waiting for him in the wood. His friend carried his other daughter on his back, and took off by foot. There are dangers larking in these woods. Every step they made must be extremely careful. There are land mines that were left behind from Vietnam War that buried underneath the ground.

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