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By Misha, Atlanta, GA

“Let go of her!” I screamed at the men. They were in dark suits and moved gracefully. About 10 had surrounded us. Two of the men had grabbed Air by her shoulders and quickly 2 other men did the same to me. I pulled on their grip but it was extremely strong. Finally I gave up and I watched Air. She hadn’t moved a muscle. She let the men hold her as she stared blankly into space. Her body slumped against the man on her right as her hair fell towards her face. Finally a shorter man, about 40 years of age came into the circle. He had on circular rimmed glasses and his silver gray hair was pulled into a low ponytail.
“Hello Dane,” he said smiling towards me. I glared at him.
“What do you want with us,” I said. The man smiled and walked towards Air. She was still looking into space as if nothing was going on around her.

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