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Colored Nights

By im_gail, Barrington, RI

Stare into the sun and the image is ingrained into the insides of your eyelids. After a while of looking away though, it fades and disappears, and the darkness returns. Thankfully, it has stayed printed inside my eyelids all these years along with the image of crashing waves and the faces of those I love. When I close my eyes every night, the images come back to me in my dreams. Color returns and everything is bright once again. I wait patiently for sleep; a time when the rest of the world gets to see the blackness that makes up my days and I see the world the way they do in the light.
I used to miss the constant colors and light of my former self, but they always did tell me to dream big. Now my dreams are bigger than theirs will ever be.

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1 comment(s)
I like this. Its very unique and intriguing. You capture the thoughts of the character quite well.
Jan. 20, 2014 at 12:39 AM • Report