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Getting Back

By dkwiatkowski15, Essex Fells, NJ

The doors closed behind him, this time he was on the outside. Dressed in an outdated suit, Sean left his home of the past twenty-five years behind him. The guards knew him by name and wished him good luck in all his future endeavors. But all he could think was what kind of future he had left. He forced himself to smile. He had what every crook in there wanted, freedom, a second chance at the world. Yet he ventured into it alone.
He walked around the prison, enamored by how big his world felt on the inside, but what a tiny piece of it he was really experiencing. It was a different perspective on the outside; he tried to see it as the cage society intended it to be. He wanted to appreciate the opportunity he was given. The prison shuttle waited as Sean said his final goodbye; he was a well-respected man. The shuttle dropped him off in town, the driver saying goodbye with a little salute, before departing and formally commencing Sean’s new life.

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