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Granger's Comet

By jmckinleyfc, Pittsburgh, PA

‘Beep Beep,’ chimed the alarm clock. Dr. Wallace Granger rolled to his side and looked with squinting eyes at the clock. 4:17 on the dot. Below it was the date: Monday January 8, 2159. It continued to buzz at even intervals until he pushed the top button down.
He could see that he had left the door to his deck open. He sat up, slid over to the right side of the bed and stood up. A cool sea breeze blew on his face and he saw the waves breaking into countless white caps along the shoreline. It was dark out, but the sun had just begun to rise in far beyond. He snorted, for he never did like sunrises or sunsets for that matter, because they were just the sunlight reflecting off of the pollution particles in the air.
The hardwood floors were damp; he assumed it was because they had a small rain shower the previous night.

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