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Hetalia thank you.... All of you... Chapter 5

linda r., philadelphia, PA By LegendaryTrash, philadelphia, PA

I told Francis what happened in school today. He kept giving me sad looks. Once I finished a gulped. All this was overwhelming. "Mon Amy, you need to seek help. Tell a teacher or an adult." "No the bully said if I tried he would hurt me or that person." I said sadly. He hugged me. " promise me if it gets really bad you will tell somebody to help you?" "Yes" "thank you mon Cher." He said patting my head. What does that mean. Mon cherr?

We studied for hours until he had to go. "We'll I'll see you tomorrow mon amor." "Ok, mon cherr.?" He laughed at my accent.
Once he was out of sight I closed the door and broke down crying. I buried my head into my hands and arms.

Should I get help or not. This is very hard for me. I wish I had someone to protect me....

Someone awesome and brave.

Like a hero.
But not Alfred.

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