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A Dream so Sweet

January 19, 2014

Tiffany J., Lompoc, CA By LordHelen, Lompoc, CA

I burn. I burn for him-for his touch. Just to feel his flesh beneath my fingertips, to know he is mine. I reach out blindly, feeling his stomach. It is hard, warm, alive. He is alive. It was all just a dream. I roll against him, shoving the sheets out of the way. It is him. I can feel all of him. I can feel him, but I won’t open my eyes. If I do, he might be gone. It seemed so real…

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” It smells like him. The breath tickles my ear, warms my face. I smell cedar and gun-the scent he always has, being a police officer. I hook my hand around his neck, smelling his chest. He is here. His hand travels down my back, holding me close. That is all I need. Just to be held. Just to be with him. Just to be happy. “Hey, are you okay?

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