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Gar Kundin

Brendan M., Warrenton, VA By brehen, Warrenton, VA

Leaves and sticks cracked and wrinkled under heavy footsteps. Branches creaked, snapping to their rest position after a body pushed past. Dirt sprung from the ground, projected by the leather-padded boots. Metal clinked on metal: bouncing on the body it was covering. Wood clacked and thumped as it collided with cloth, mail, blades and flesh. Scores of feet pounded the earth, leaves and fallen branches as the force trotted through the sparse vegetation. A curse damaged the air as one of the many beards was snagged by a protruding tree branch. Sniggering replied from his comrades which was immediately followed by another curse. A gruff, smoke damaged voice growled a command to the troops in their harsh tongue, causing the sniggering to cease and the heavy footsteps and destruction of the blanketed foliage to continue.

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