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Kernel the Grey Fluffy Wizard of the West

Olivia D., Bowmanville, Canada By blueolive, Bowmanville, Canada

Kernel was the fluffy wizard of the West.
Kernel was on a very great quest.
He was the only cat who could use magic.
One evening there occurred something tragic.
King Marley ruled the land.
But it was no longer green, it was only sand.
Something evil had cast a spell,
To send King Marley’s land into Hell.
King Marley requested Kernel,
To seek the infernal, vernal journal.
Whom ever owned this book,
Was without a doubt the crook.
Kernel was the only cat able to take on this task.
So he gathered his things and his mighty mask.
This mask would show Kernel the way
No matter how far he would travel each day.
Whilst passing through the kingdom of boxes,

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