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Skin Deep

November 5, 2008

By Mia B., Brooklyn, NY

November 5th the day after Barack Obama was announced president. One month after I, an African American moved to a Predominantly White area. The ratio of African Americans is approximately 200:1.I felt like an alien to begin with, moving from a place where the ratio was reversed. Mostly everyone seemed friendly. But here I am on November the 5th day after a black man was elected into office. People’s true colors begin to show, and mine becomes more apparent to me then it did before, racism. Comments made about Obama being black, all portrayed him as how most black people on Television are. But it is the media that has given the stereo types, how can I blame them. One of my fellow classmates started to talk about the hope in possibly assassination of Barack. Another one of my classmates commented that she and all the white’s were going to be made into slaves.

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