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Alone in My World

By mw112598, Cupertino, CA

I was alone. Alone in the world, alone in my world. Yes, I was walking through reality and existence, but to me, I was alone in the world. And I loved it. That’s what made the mornings at school alone so amazing.

The sky would be a mesmerizing blue by the time I got there. The parking lot would be vacant, the hallways echoing with the emptiness. The classrooms were dark and the doors were closed. I walked casually, slouched and swinging my arms. I stopped in the middle of the stairs to adjust my jeans, then continued on. My fingers trailed the cool metal of the lockers, occasionally bumping into lockers or cracks in the locker doors. I kicked a rock in my way and it skittered across the rough cement. The rock fluttered around, trying to escape, until it finally found the edge of the balcony and fell off.

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