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Nazi Medical Experiments This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By mrcarrotcake, San Jose, CA

“There were scattered naked corpses of three children. Their bodies were shriveled and this is when I realized, at age ten, that that could happen to Miriam and me also; unless I did something to prevent it,”(“Savage”). Eva Kor, a Mengele twin survivor, narrated her gruesome experience. Before researching the medical experiments, I knew that the Nazis were experimenting in different fields of medicine. My essay takes a closer look at why these things happened, and what they are seen as today.

There are two main reasons for why the Medical Experiments occurred. Doctors wanted to ensure the survival of German Military, and to find cures to diseases (“Nazi Medical Experiments”). Experiments such as Hypothermia, High Altitude, Sulfanilamide, Phosgene, Seawater and Bone/Muscle/Joint transplantation took place to help the military.

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