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Mr. P.; The Educator

By Jack D., Brooklyn, NY

Music Theory. Sounds interesting, right? When I signed up to take Music Theory, I thought the class was going to be easier than any other class. Much to my surprise, the class was not just another easy A.
I actually began struggling. I was struggling so hard that I began to drift. I didn’t care because the rest of the class had passed me up and they were accelerating at a pace I would never dream of accomplishing.
That’s when Mr. Polancich showed his true colors to me. While we were working in small groups, he came over and asked if I needed extra help. This was the biggest relief because I’m not the kind of student who asks for extra help. Finally, a teacher had asked me if I needed extra help in a class that I needed help in!
Sure enough, I came in after class that week (and the next) to have a one-on-one, student-to-teacher, lesson.

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