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Contribution to Society

By Scott R., Naperville, IL

Contribution to Society
They have told you they want the best for you. They have taught you to take hold of your life and make yourself successful at all costs. They have given you a list of careers that will make the most money in the shortest period of time for you to choose from, and want to give you what they never had. Since the beginning you have learned that money is of most importance and signifies happiness, power, and success.
The white collar career that has been recommended will get you money success and power, but it will leave you far from happiness. Society has become bitter and cold when up so high in the sky scrapers of business. Our country has focused on the individual and has forgotten things like morality, respect, and family. When committing to one of these careers you will be so focused and driven on the money you will take for granted the rest of your life.

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