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Through the Eyes of an Allied Soldier

By Carson B., Brooklyn, NY

I will never forget that day; every time I close my eyes, I can see the blood-stained beaches and taste the pungent aroma of death in the air. The date was June 6, 1944, and I was in the first wave of soldiers to storm Omaha Beach. When my U-boat landed on shore, I could see the shower of bullets making their way to the allied position. When the metal door to our boat dropped down, to the sand, the two men in front of me were met with German machine gun fire. Before their bodies hit the ground, I dove to the sand and made my way to the safety of a mortar hole just out of sight of the machine gunners in the pill boxes. Behind me, I could hear the roar of the ocean and then only a few yards ahead of me a mortar round exploded; it was like God himself had silenced the beach. When I regained my sense of hearing and had shaken off the feeling of shock, I looked around me and noticed a solder named Peter Wellman.

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