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A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Stephanie S., Brooklyn, NY

Set in Beaufort, North Carolina, in the 1950s, A Walk to Remember tells the story of 17-year-old Landon Carter, who learns to live life differently after meeting Jamie Sullivan. Initially, Landon is the kind of guy who cares too much about what people think of him. But when Jamie comes into the picture, he only cares about being with her.

Things are looking up for Landon, until Jamie drops a bomb that changes their lives forever.

In A Walk to Remember, the characters take time to get to know each other and end up falling in love. Like other novelists of realistic fiction, Nicholas Sparks emotionally engages the reader. A Walk to Remember ­reminded me of all of Lurlene McDaniel’s novels, because both authors use themes of love and death.

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Book Review Outline Book title and author:  A Walk to Remember Nicholas Sparks Title of review:  My Favorite book! Number of stars (1 to 5): 4.9 Description and summary of main points She fell in love with a boy named Landon. Her dad was a preacher of a church. She finally tells why she was shy and sick.  The girl and the boy are two different types of people. People you would not expected to be together. Evaluation It is a very good written book. It is a tear jerker for sure.  It is very different than other types of books. It is a very sad ending. She finally finds someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Once you start reading this book you won’t want to put it down. Conclusion A girl finds a boy that wants help with his lines in a play. She helps him and something happens between them. They get into arguments, and they are in the play together. At the end a tragedy  happens to the father and the boy.
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