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Miss Bower

By Ryan M., Brooklyn, NY

Have you ever heard of school being fun? That’s right, I said fun! Miss Bower a second year math teacher at Arrowhead High School in Wisconsin, and she has the school liking her. If it’s not Math, then it’s sports. She enjoys watching Brett Favre. Yes, he is now on the Jets; yet, she still follows his games even though she has fallen in love with Aaron Kampman. There are more reasons that I can think of that make me like her as a teacher.

She is young and can relate to our generation. She is not one of those old geezers who say we are spoiled. She understands our point of view and will give each child an equal opportunity to succeed. Miss Bower is the kind of teacher who makes me want to learn the curriculum. She makes learning fun by using the Smart Board, which we play with every day. We joke around, but we still meet our requirements for that lesson.

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