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Warped Tour This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Bapalapa2, Brooklyn, NY

     Muddy mosh pit mayhem. Black clothed, overly pierced Goths with brightly colored hair. Forty-year-old wanna-be-teenagers wearing not too much. Animal rights activists passing out propaganda. Cross-dressing punk rockers. And four kids in t-shirts and jeans from Glasgow, Montana feeling a little out of place. Welcome to Warped Tour 2003.

It was perfect concert weather in Bozeman, 80 degrees and nothing but blue skies. Since the concert started at noon, we went at 10:30 so we wouldn't have to wait in line, but there was a line. Plus, the gates didn't open until noon. It was worth the wait, though, because they were handing out stickers and other pretty cool stuff, including free demo CDs.

Finally, the gates opened and inside we found six stages filled with six-foot speakers stacked two, three and even four high.

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