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Morgyn C., Houston, TX By MacyGrace, Houston, TX

Attention, all females! Are you tired of getting your heart broken? Are you tired of feeling like you’re not good enough for him? Have you had enough of him playing with your feelings? Well, now the FDA has come out with a new drug called the EmoNoNo. The EmoNoNo is a wonderful bite sized pill that will help you solve all your troubles. With just one tablet, you can turn off your emotions for a full 48 hours. Wouldn’t that be great? Then you wouldn’t have to care when you catch your significant other in bed with your “best friend,” and you wouldn’t feel bad when you finally tell off your mother-in-law. In some cases, you can feed your boyfriend or husband the pill- though 3 out of 10 doctors do not recommend it- and you can rewire him. You can teach him to match his socks or to finally put the toilet seat down. You can also make him accept you for who you are, so you do not have to worry about your looks or weight unless you want to.

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