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Rose N., Columbus, OH By pibex, Columbus, OH

1 There is never no evil, until it takes the throne

I used to think that you could beat battles out of people. You could win every next battle, by only fighting one. You could overthrow evil. And it wouldn’t come crawling back. But I was wrong. There is always evil, for it is our antagonists who give us hope. If the scales were tipped, and evil ruled, we might have a chance at peace. If there is one spreading fear and terror, another does not need to step in. Everybody following the same rules, no fighting; is that not peace? You can make that happen with fear.

2 An angry sea only takes it out on who made it angry

I used to think that there was such a thing as good and evil. But if evil helps, is it good? If I hurt somebody that will or has hurt me, am I evil?

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