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Barenaked Ladies This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Oelania P, Brooklyn, NY

   Barenaked Ladies is a popular music group from Toronto, Canada. It is made up of four men: Jim Creegan, Steven Page, Ed Robertson, and Tyler Stewart. These men have a creative, wacky chemistry that makes their music so enjoyable. They currently have four albums: "Gordon" (1992), "Maybe You Should Drive" (1994), "Born on a Pirate Ship" (1995), and "Live Rock Spectacle" (1996).

Barenaked's songs are insane and mixed-up, using harmonies and rounds to make their music fun. They also use a lot of background vocals and instruments that give their music a distinctive, rich sound. The group takes turns singing the lead vocals (although Steve Page does most), but there are so many background vocals that it doesn't matter who is behind the main microphone. Some of their major hits are "Shoe Box," "$1,000,000," and "Old Apartment.

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