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My Dream

By Jessica T., Brooklyn, NY

I have a dream that one day this world will not use violence and death to solve our problems but the words, mouth, and voice given to us by god himself. I hope that one day all people will learn to fulfill their lives with all the positive energy that surrounds them rather than the negative. With that energy I wish that one day the people of this world will learn to trigger it to the greater good of the people. That they may find it in themselves to do all they can to make living in this world the best it can be. Without any of the racism, sexism, poverty, or crime that happens.

I have a dream that in all parts of the world for all people that living is free from worry of what may come tomorrow, but instead embrace every cherish able moment and make it better than the last. That in order to survive people don’t feel they need to take it in their own hands and take innocent lives of others to make a living.

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