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Seaworld: Sharks, Whales, and More

By Kaitlynn, Newberry, FL

If you have never experienced SeaWorld, you might want to head to Orlando to take advantage of this spectacular theme park right in our state. You can choose from a variety of shows, see all kinds of animals, and enjoy some great places to eat.

Be sure to try Sharks Underwater Grill, where you dine "underwater" with the sharks and some fish. You can even go “underwater” in the Shark Encounter, where you’ll see a coral reef with lots of different fish, like puffer fish, leafy sea dragons, and lionfish. You may even see some barracuda! If you really like sharks, head to the Shark Encounter tunnel, where you go into a tunnel surrounded by water. A conveyor belt moves you through it as you watch the sharks swimming all around you, including sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks, and others.

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